Battery Problems with Linux

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Some of you might be wondering what is eating up your battery in Linux so much as compared to your windows. Most of the computers have battery problems due to their graphic card. The windows is very good in managing your graphic card, so you have much better battery backup in windows as compared to linux.

Also the companies like NVIDIA refuses to make drivers for linux computers as they don't think it is profitable for them, result of which is that you have poor battery performance in Linux with you graphic card. Following procedure must work if you have NVIDIA GPU. It will surely help you in increasing your battery backup by a large amount.

You can download the software here.


  • Unzip the file as :

or you can unzip it from the GUI also by simply extracting it.

  • When you unzip it, you will see various files in there. Open this directory you just unzipped from your terminal (I hope you know 'cd'. :p)
  • Now you just type this :

and you will see some progress on the terminal. If somehow you see some error in there, you need to install the linux header files. To do that you need to apt-get a package. For that do this :

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

This will download the necessary files for the package you downloaded to work.

  • Now type

and now you should see no error when files are building up.

  • Now when you do 'ls' you will see some more files are in there. These are the generated files by 'make'
  • Now enter the following command :
sudo insmod acpi_call.ko
  • And after that go to the examples directory. (Do `cd examples` :p).
  • Now you need to run the appropriate script. If you can't guess which is appropriate for you, just run script script in there as :
sudo ./
  • Or if your model matches with any script name, run that script the same way as above.
  • The script will print some stuff, there must be some some lines saying 'working', if that is so, it means you followed everything successfully and now you should see your battery backup going high after some minutes.

Right now, you have to do this procedure every time you start your PC. But if you are familiar with .bashrc stuff, you can automate the above procedure every time you start your PC up.

If you find anything confusing, just write that on the discussion page and we should be able to solve your issue. And if you don't have rights for discussing on the discussion page or for doing anything on this wiki, drop us a mail to with your details. Happy tweaking !!!