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So I installed owncloud on glug server quite some time ago. For those of you who don’t know what owncloud is, it is basically a free and open source Dropbox. So anyone can create its own cloud server.

NOTE: Skip to the end of horizontal line if you don’t want to understand the configuration and troubleshooting part.

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So I installed it on the CentOS machine. But as always nothing works in one go. There were some problems. Files were not uploading. I looked online on serverfault and owncloud forums. It was the php.ini file which was not allowing files of size greater than 20MB or something to be uploaded. I corrected it. Here it is how it’s done-

memory_limit = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 2048M
post_max_size = 2048M

So i did the change in /etc/php.ini.

Restarted the server. But still it was showing – “Request Entity Too Large” error on uploading the files.

The problem was the an application named – Mod security

Here is the detailed description of Mod security :

Mod security is a free Web Application Firewall (WAF) that works with Apache, Nginx and IIS. It supports a flexible rule engine to perform simple and complex operations and comes with a Core Rule Set (CRS) which has rules for SQL injection, cross site scripting, Trojans, bad user agents, session hijacking and a lot of other exploits. For Apache, it is an additional module which makes it easy to install and configure.

One of the directive of mod security  SecRequestBodyLimit allowed us to upload file size of upto 12.5MB.

The SecRequestBodyLimit directive specifies the maximum POST data size. If anything larger is sent by a client the server will respond with a 413 Request Entity Too Large error. If your web application doesn’t have any file uploads this value can be greatly reduced.


A must read article on mod security – Here

So I turned it off in /etc/httpd/conf.d/mod_security.conf


Restart the server.

Problem Resolved



Owncloud is working at –

I also uploaded a node.js tutorial which can be downloaded from here.

Can I have an account on gluCloud?

Yes you can but you will have to show that you deserve it. You have to contribute to GLUG in one way or the other. Write article on the gluBlog, make a project, improve the code of GLUG website, be regular in meetings.

How much space does one user is allowed to have?

Right now it is between 15GB – 35GB. But it can be configured easily.

How much is the single file size limit that can be uploaded?

2GB. That can be changed too.

So here is the thing if you want to request any tutorial than please comment below or on this group on facebook. I will upload the tutorial material for you guys.

Happy uploading!!


Resourced that helped me –