Linux Installation Fest for first year – 4 Feb 2016

We conducted a Linux Installation Fest in the even semester of 2016 in collaboration with Team EXE. We previously had conducted a Linux Installation Fest on Maker Party  in the previous semester. But after that the first year has been out of the loop for quite long, due to permissions and timing related issues, that we had to conduct it again.

The participation was more than I expected. About 30-35 students came in for the workshop and we had about 90 percent installation success. As always we faced some issues with some laptops and problems like –

  • We could not create partition in some systems but EaseUs Partion Manager helped us out.
  • Could not boot Ubuntu on an Acer system.
  • Cursor was not showing in a HP system. Maybe this can help.

I promise that we would be solving all the issues and will have a 100% installation rate coming Saturday, where will be introducing the first year to the terminal and some basic command line and tools.

So far this year has not been so great as compared to last year where we had already done this in the first semester itself. I hate to mention this but there has been a lot of permission issues and the faculty has not been co-operative regarding the conduction of events. At one point we were even asked about our club, that do we even exist and if we do what activities does GLUG do. Internet has always been an issue. Every time we conduct a workshop it is without a stable internet. But still we are doing our best to spread the knowledge of FOSS in the campus.

This was just a general news post but I would be making more post after the Saturday’s post where I would be adding resources and learning material for the first year. Looking forward for the Workshop.



Sagar Karira

Sagar is currently studying Computer Sc. and Engg. in NIT HAMIRPUR . He is passionate about technology , blogging and learning . He is a follower of open source , technology and linux enthusiast.