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I am glad to write this post and tell you that we have restarted the glug mail service. But this time, we have set up different kind of arrangements for the mail service. Earlier,  there was proper webmail service with web-based e-mail client on The web-based e-mail client could be used by the mail users to view, send e-mails.

But, that kind of e-mail service had some issues. All the mails which were sent and received using the glug mail service were stored in databases on the glug server. Since all the mails were stored on the mail server, the server administrator had access to all the data and could read everyone else’s mails. This was a major security concern and violated the privacy policies of the mail users.

To deal with this problem, we have decided to setup email aliases only.

How e-mail alias works?

Suppose, you have to different e-mail addresses used by you for two different kind of e-mails. Say one email for work and other one is for your personal use. Now, you want to receive both kind of mails on a single account. Let us say that you want all the work mails on your personal account. You can redirect all the mails on your work e-mail account to your personal e-mail address. This is known as email forwarding.

Now, let us say you are working in an organization which offers you a professional e-mail address and you are the person designated for taking feedbacks from your clients or customers. Your organization has an email address to receive feedback from the clients. To save your time, you can forward all the e-mails from to your e-mail address. Instead of creating an extra e-mail account, you can create an e-mail alias. When someone sends an e-mail to, the mail server forwards it to Indeed you are creating a psuedo email address for

Request GLUG email alias

To get an glug mail address for yourself, you need to fill an online form on GLUG website. The link to the request form is here.

Once your request is confirmed, you receive an e-mail containing your alias. So, whenever someone will send an e-mail to, it will be forwarded to




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